Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO done properly can bring you hordes of qualified buyer-hungry leads

To attract highly targeted traffic to your site, you need expert help with SEO – or search engine optimization. Without it, you are leaving money on the table, because your traffic is not enough in volume and not targeted enough.

Professional SEO services will give your business greater visibility to anyone typing in a search keyword. Put simply, more visibility means more sales and faster growth. And the higher up you are in search engine rankings, the higher the perceived value and credibility of your business.

With sharp SEO tactics on your side, even as a small company you can rank for buyer keywords, outmanoeuvring bigger companies.  Through website analytics you can learn which of your products are doing well, which marketing tactics are working and which need tweaking or even abandoning.  Without this information, you are just guessing.

Cost-effective Customer Acquisition

Happily, there is no payment for having the search engines index your website. This is important for high volume, low-intent phrases, such as ‘car insurance’, which can prove very expensive in pay per click advertising. SEO is also useful for generating visitors who are typing in ‘long tail keywords’ – get this right and you can save a ton on advertising and outgun your competition.

Fixed Costs – easier to plan for

The cost of SEO is relatively fixed, independent of click volume. In fact, once initial optimisation costs and lower ongoing optimisation costs have been covered, cost per click from SEO drops over time.

Website design that maximizes SEO

Search engine crawlers reward sites that are easy to navigate and are relevant to visitors, so if your code and on-page SEO is optimized, your site is rewarded with higher rankings.

 Repeat Business – without having to advertise again

Customers coming through search tend to stick around for longer – which increases customer lifetime revenues!

Unique Content will boost your rankings

By creating subject-specific content on your website in a way that delivers a boost to your keyword strategy, you can attract quality backlinks which boost your rankings for important keywords.

As you can see, SEO done properly makes perfect business sense.

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