Reputation Management

Do you care what people are saying about your business?

The recent boom in the integration of review sites with social media has opened many doors for businesses to interact with their customers. But because customers now have a “global voice”, it has also created its own set of problems for business owners.

You’ll probably agree that the best new business comes from referrals. People are more likely to buy from a business that one of their friends has had good experiences with.

Review sites and social media networks have helped take social proof to a new level and receiving favorable reviews will certainly help generate new business.

But what if the reviews are not so good? Your business could be brought to its knees simply because of a few negative comments!

Managing your online reputation requires a lot more than adding your business profile to a few review sites. You need to be able to manage what people are reading about your business.

Proactive reputation management involves the burying of negative reviews with a stream of glowing recommendations. But it is essential, both ethically and in some regions legally, that it is done the right way.

Using our tried, tested and ethical strategies, we can help you enjoy the rewards that you can reap from the power of review sites, rather than living in the fear that your business can be ruined by them.

To compete in today’s market you need an online presence. Contact us TODAY to find out how you can ensure that it helps to build your business and not destroy it.

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