Facebook Advertising

Facebook allows for laser-targeted pay per click advertising

Ads are extremely simple to create within the Facebook platform and you can position your ads so they only appear before the customers you want to reach.  So, for instance, if you want to make an ad appear for 20-30 year old college students in Baltimore who prefer the Alien to Predator moves, you can do – it’s that targeted.  With better targeting, you can achieve better results with even a modest budget.

Use Facebook ads to drive fans to your Facebook page

A Facebook page is a great way to introduce Facebook users to your brand – and you can use Facebook’s ppc platform to drive users to that page at speed.  And because you are taking Facebook users to a web property – your page – within the Facebook environment Facebook rewards you by keeping your cost per click lower than if you were taking users away from Facebook.

Visitors to your page interact with other fans, customers and staff and learn more about your business.  The best part is that it’s free to launch a business page to work with your PPC campaign, and you can use the analytics to help measure the success of your campaign.

Build your brand

By setting up a social media presence with a Facebook page and PPC ads, you can improve your brand visibility within the network.  That means giving people the ability to discover you, buy from you, ‘Like’ you and immediately share with their entire network how much they liked your offer.  When others view that content, your PPC ad could start showing for the extended network as well.

Facebook ads are so much more relevant

Ads on Facebook are far less intrusive than on search engines such as Google – partly because results because ads on Facebook are far more relevant to their users’ interests.  Which, in turn, means your user is more likely to check out your business – and buy.

Multimedia PPC ads on Facebook are also cheaper, easier to establish and are now recognized as the next wave in getting in touch with your target audience.

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